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Anthony S. Torres

Title Photographer, Owner
Business Name Anthony S. Torres Photography
Address1 PO Box 1142
City Bloomfield
State New Jersey
Zip Code 07003
Phone 973-307-0278
Business Type Photographers
Number of Employees

I went to college. I worked in the city. I did really well at my job skill-wise and financially. I was not happy. That last one is the most important of anything I could tell you about myself. Yes, really.

The feeling of accomplishment from creating things in the corporate world did not last long. I wanted to feel excited when I woke up, and I really wanted to help people in some way, one that would last a long time.

Photography is my own therapy and I believe I work incredibly hard at making it yours. I want you to take a moment, when you’re done with your job or caring for your home all day for your family, to look at your family portraits on your wall and smile. You’ll realize again why you do what you do, and I will be the one that simply reminds you with custom artwork. Trust me, with my own little girl, I still look at our portraits and think, wow, she’s gotten so big since then. Or even sometimes, holy crap, she cooperated with us that time! Whatever the reason, my goal is to help you feel that love of your family, and have it on your walls until they’re old enough to tell their families.