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Title RN Administrator
Business Name Glowing Hearts Home Care Services
Address1 544 Broadway
City Newark
State New Jersey
Zip Code 07104
Phone 862-323-3502 / 973-318-8316
Fax 973-318-8317
Business Type Home Healthcare - Medical / Non-Medical
Number of Employees

Providing Compassionate Care to Patients and Their Families
Give your loved ones the care and attention they truly deserve with help from Glowing Hearts Home Care Services LLC in Newark, New Jersey. We offer comprehensive home health care services for geriatric patients. Call us today to learn more about what we can do for you.

Mission Statement
Glowing Hearts’ mission is to dedicate our efforts to provide optimal care to our patients as well as educate patients and their families on how to prevent and manage their disease processes. Safety, life enhancement, and prevention of rehospitalization is our company triad goal attainment for a higher level of care.

About the Owner
“I received my associate degree in nursing in 2009, the same year I landed my first job in home care nursing. I then went back to school to obtain My Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) degree, which followed a dual master’s degree in nursing and health care administration.

My passion for home care nursing began when I was forced to take on this job because of not having a BSN degree at the time. I was left without a choice to work in the home care industry for a while until I decided to go back to school to obtain my BSN.

There was no room for complaints; instead, I embrace this line of work. In the hospital, there is a team of professionals such as doctors, nurses, social worker, and other staff who look out for the patients. However, when the patients get discharged into the community, this is where reality surfaces.

The patients are on their own and have to care for themselves, hoping that they can manage their health to the best of their ability. Without home care nursing, it is not possible.

Home care nurses not only educates the patients on how to manage their disease processes but also make a great effort in preventing rehospitalization. Preventing rehospitalization, maximizing health improvement, and educating patients on disease management is what Glowing Hearts Home Care Services LLC is all about.

Getting the opportunity to work closely with your patients is a great pleasure, because it enhances the trans-spiritual relationship between two individuals. When caring for someone, a trusting relationship is formed. As the owner of the agency, I will ensure that our patients receive optimal care from the hearts of our fellow employees.”