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Mayank Rana

Title Infrastructure Consultant
Business Name Tek Guards
Address1 Serving NJ, NY, PA, CT
City Bloomfield
State New Jersey
Zip Code 07003
Phone 973-847-1414
Business Type Computer (Id) Technology Services / It Support
Number of Employees 5

Our Mission
Data has become more valuable than ever. The amount of information flowing through your business is only growing. TekGuards is an envisionment of putting your information in a vault. Many business’ have information scattered throughout multiple forms of media. Scattered information is not only hard to keep track of but also vulnerable to breach. The Guards are here to ensure the safety of all your information in one dedicated location. The implementation of our infrastructure strategies will create an environment to have all your data accessible wherever you are, to whomever you want, whenever you want. Alongside with consolidating your information, we also strategize ways to improve and innovate the delivery of your services using your information through development. Let’s create an idea that leaves you with time. Want more time? The Guards always have their to do list with them, getting tasks done, one ticket at a time.

Infrastructure Services
Let us create a blueprint for your network. Our Guards analyze to create an inference on what topology would be best for you and map a network for seamless inter-connectivity. To maintain the integrity of your system we manage using a ticketing system to handle all tasks promptly. To fortify our assurance we provide both remote and on-site backup services.

Development Services
Our guards create a plan to make your idea a reality. Our team of expert developers will map and execute exactly what you require to get your project off the smart board and into implementation. We handle a variety of languages, all we need is a consultation. From websites to native apps, we do it all.

Real-Time Support
Have a printer that stops working right before lunch? Or maybe that one break room loses Wi-Fi? Our professional services provide both on-site and remote support to make sure that in any circumstance, you’re given a resolution. Experts in both hardware and software, the Guards will keep your mind at ease knowing you have someone to rely on.