“Breakthrough Treatment Now Available in Bloomfield”

Advances in computers and engineering technologies have recently been able to uniquely blend with Chiropractic in order to analyze and treat patients. This new form of computerized treatment is called the ProAdjuster. It is so gentle and effective it amazes even the most skeptical patients. The secret to the ProAdjuster lies in its advanced piezoelectric sensor that detects the slightest amount of restriction in a joint and then delivers an extremely precise computerized adjustment. There are a large number of people who never get to experience the amazing benefits of Chiropractic because they are hesitant to have their spines manipulated by hand. Now there is no longer a reason to be wary. The ProAdjuster technique is perfect for anyone who has been thinking about going to a Chiropractor, but hasn’t made the decision yet. This new, gently computerized technique may be the answer to many of the following common problems: low back pain, sciatica, neck, shoulder, hip pain, TMJ conditions, sports and motor vehicle injuries. Treatment with the ProAdjuster is consistent, measurable and extremely gentle. There is no guesswork and it is safe for individuals of all ages.


Call Dr. Mike Credico, Chiropractic Director at Bloomfield Total Health Center today to receive a FREE ProAdjuster analysis to pinpoint your problem areas and see how the ProAdjuster can help. Call 973-338-3620 today. This technological marvel can help you return to a healthier lifestyle. You may no longer have to live with a persistent, painful condition. Call us TODAY!


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