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Anna & Michael Vernotica

Title Owners
Business Name Michael V's Caterers
Address1 201 Washington Avenue
City Belleville
State New Jersey
Zip Code 07109
Phone 973-759-7748
Fax 973-759-5924
Business Type Caterers
Number of Employees 15

Michael V’s is a family owned and operated small business established in 1983 in North Newark and Belleville. Our specialties are old family Italian recipes that were passed down through our family generations all using all the freshest quality ingredients. We take pride in our catering, cooking everything fresh with love and care and the way we like it Our recipe our way our Love ! Not only is all cookin done by family and lifelong friends ,its the same family and greatest friends since the beginning ! We started in the 80’s in Newark and Belleville and continue in to our 5th decade ! We are proud , we are thankful, and we are BLESSED!
Roseville ave / Bloomfield ave / Washington ave

It is an honor to cook for your family’s and friends
We love to cook