Welcome to the Chamber: Lost & Found Inc.

Lost & Found, Inc. has quickly become one of the most respected corporate savings agencies in the nation by consistently delivering bottom line results to our clients through expense reduction in six unique categories.  Our industry partners are highly specialized and experienced in their respective areas and work on your behalf to recover past overcharges and minimize expenses moving forward.  Since we are compensated on a contingency fee basis, you can be sure that our interests are truly aligned.

Most of our clients do not have “time for another project.”  That is why we are here!  We go out of our way to minimize the time our clients invest.  While we bring them in at key decision points, we do all the heavy lifting, allowing them to stay focused on running their business.  We provide the assurance that not a nickel is wasted…. all at no risk.

Our clients consider us an extension of their current cost containment efforts.  We add profit directly to their  bottom line without having to sell another widget, invest any money, or dedicate additional resources.  Sound too good to be true?  See a few of our many satisfied clients’ testimonials.

Still not sure…ask about our guarantee!

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