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I don't know the etiquette for this, but given the situation locally, many local businesses are already in trouble. I'm hoping we can all support each other through promotions, reviews, whatever it takes to keep everyone in business and come out the other side ready. We have artists in our group, handymen, accountants, appraisers, and more... so many small businesses. For many of us, it's hard to not be around people to continue working. I tried to photograph webcams, it doesn't work.

With that said, I'm pushing a bit of a "karma-like" promotion right now that I actually hope helps you and your clients. I want people to spend/buy in your businesses first, and then I will reward them in my business as a thank you.
If you're on Facebook, the post is here:
If you're on Instagram, the post is here:

For others, see attached photo and notes below:
Go spend in any local retail business in your area, such as a restaurant, pet store, grocery store, etc, and take a photo of the receipt. ⁠

I will match what you spent, rounded up to the nearest $5, and give you that discount towards any future photo session OR artwork order (site for artwork coming soon). ⁠

This way, we rise as a community together and support everyone's families. ⁠

Notes (will update as we go):⁠
* The max discount is currently $100.⁠
* Requires photo proof of a receipt from that business⁠
* Discounts/credits are limited to 1 per session. Sorry, I can't give away everything for free or pay out of pocket⁠
* All photo sessions to take place in 2020⁠

973 307 0278 or⁠

Feel free to share.

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